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Health & Safety

Health and safety are at the forefront of our priorities. Highfield House has unrivalled procedures - protecting our residents from harm takes precedence above everything else.

Each resident’s risk assessment is extensive, which enables everyone to live as independently as possible.

All fire fighting equipment, electrical equipment and boilers are regularly checked and maintained. We keep our team up to date on fire and there are fire safety procedures displayed throughout our home.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

We have an excellent cleaning team, who keep our home spotless, pleasant and odour-free. All washing is done for residents – carefully and considerately.

Maintenance & Refurbishment

Our programme of maintenance and refurbishment is ongoing – obviously without disruption to our residents.

The Highfield House building – both inside and outside – is very well maintained. Our attractive gardens are safe and easily accessible for residents with all degrees of mobility.


Comprehensive standards give everybody peace of mind

Guy and his team undertake an assessment of each resident – with input from relatives, the prospective resident (if able), the Need Assessment Panel (NAP) and the community psychiatric nurse.

Prior to admission the NAP assesses each resident’s needs, in order to decide on whether they need nursing or residential care. Along with the community psychiatric nurse, we also assess all resident needs prior to admission.

Once a resident is admitted, we complete a more comprehensive assessment, which helps us create his or her care plan. We like to include relatives at this stage by encouraging them to tell us about any special needs.

Some relatives develop collages using photographs and memorabilia of the resident’s life. This is an excellent tool as it initiates a bond between our team and new resident. It also engages them to talk about their life experiences and it helps us to get to know the life they led before being admitted.

Day to day life at Highfield House

Our home has strict policies and procedures for the protection, privacy and dignity of our residents.

Residents and relatives find our team warm, welcoming and polite. On a recent home inspection, one relative said how “pleased he was with the safe environment, the friendliness of the staff and the exceptional level of care given to his wife”.

We also accept emergency admissions, which can be for a few hours or longer, depending on whether we can provide a room.

Resident safety comes first

Safety is of paramount importance throughout our home. We have strategically fitted rails throughout, two passenger lifts, two chairlifts and equipment to help individual residents when and where they need it. For example, residents who need bedrails have bumpers fitted in order to reduce their injury risk.

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